Ancient Log #1

Ancient Log #1

Campaign: Yurlru’s Ultimatum 1

—-Servo Recorder Active——
-Voice Detected-
-Name Requested–Thalysios–Scanning name–
-Title–Ancient–Servo Login Accepted—
-Welcome Ancient Thalysios—-Begin–

Date: M42.XXX
Campaign:Yurlru’s Ultimatum

Where to start? Ah yes we began our assault on the world of Yurlru with an orbital drop. To wipe out heretical orbital cannons before they would make problems for us. Second objective was the assault of the airfield in order to kill any and all air reinforcements from traitor forces. Thus leading to an unexpected counter assault from Iron Warrior forces. Leading into a grudge match of blood, iron and steel. Right now we have fended off a large counter assault but throne knows how many more we will have to encounter.

Servo End logging.
—Voice Command Detected—
—Servo Recording Ended—

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