Ancient Log #13

Ancient Log #13

—-Servo Recorder Active——
-Voice Detected-
-Name Requested–Thalysios–Scanning name–
-Title–Ancient–Servo Login Accepted—
-Welcome Ancient Thalysios—-Begin–

Date: M42.XXX
Campaign:Burning garden

How to start this. We attacked our OBJ’s but lead to much confusion and mix Vox mishaps we still hit our OBJ’s clear each. This was a mess of combat for each of us the city we hit did not help our Vox issue either. But no need to repeat myself the 2 jammers within the docs were scrapped. The hostile force was wiped out. Each convoy that attacked us was put in its place. We are now under control of the doc’s and now have cut off enemy supply lines.

Servo End logging.
—Voice Command Detected—
—Servo Recording Ended—–

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