Ancient Log #9

Ancient Log #9

—-Servo Recorder Active——
-Voice Detected-
-Name Requested–Thalysios–Scanning name–
-Title–Ancient–Servo Login Accepted—
-Welcome Ancient Thalysios—-Begin–

Date: M42.XXX
Campaign:Yurlru’s Ultimatum

Starting this off on a good note. It was great to start off a battle against the IW and traitor within the trenches. Our forward assault was met by traitor artillery but surprisingly not many casualties. The first line of defense for the enemy was around 8x infantry squads, 3x heavy weapons, squads 2x tank convoy, 1x Baneblade, 1x Fallen Knight and around 11x heavy gun emplacements. All met at OBJ Alpha. Bravo was near around 3x infantry squads, 1x heavy weapons, 1x hydra AA, 2x leman russ tank. Charlie was around 2x tank convoy, 3x infantry squads, 1x heavy weapons. In total we were met with a lot and handled ourselves well. Once the battle ended on the front we caught word our F.O.B. was under assault. After the cleanup of the attack on our base was over we were led to our standard duties. During our standard debrief Von Draven our chief of auxilia took a long las round to the head cracking his helmet and maybe wounding him in the process. For now our assault still wages on and I can still hear the artillery even form the inner walls of the base now. Throne knows when we will take this world fully but by all means we will. This is about as much as I have to say for now.

Servo End logging.
—Voice Command Detected—
—Servo Recording Ended—–

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