Ancient Log #8

Ancient Log #8

—-Servo Recorder Active——
-Voice Detected-
-Name Requested–Thalysios–Scanning name–
-Title–Ancient–Servo Login Accepted—
-Welcome Ancient Thalysios—-Begin–

Date: M42.XXX
Campaign:Yurlru’s Ultimatum

How to start this seems as the perils of the warp had taken over our visual auspex today. Though we achieved our mission in full. Our vision was quite choppy but, alas we have pushed out the Ion Warriors from this sector but now we head to our very last sector. Here we hope to find the bastard that killed Apon. What happens next is our deployment to what might be our hardest fight yet since the elder days of our first founding.

Servo End logging.
—Voice Command Detected—
—Servo Recording Ended—–

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