Ancient Log #7

Ancient Log #7

—-Servo Recorder Active——
-Voice Detected-
-Name Requested–Thalysios–Scanning name–
-Title–Ancient–Servo Login Accepted—
-Welcome Ancient Thalysios—-Begin–

Date: M42.XXX
Campaign:Yurlru’s Ultimatum

Today was quite nice. To start we took a convoy out to kill off hostile remnants that attacked our main F.O.B. This led to us having to dismount due to an emp blast. After turning to full on foot combat we took hostile mortar fire no losses and all hostiles killed. Each objective was completed and within the order it was needed. Last I need to say is congrats to those of the neophytes that have now become brothers.

Servo End logging.
—Voice Command Detected—
—Servo Recording Ended—

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